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New book by former Italian Ambassador to Vietnam makes its debute

09/05/2017 New book by former Italian Ambassador to Vietnam makes its debute

 [PSNews] “The Quarantine” is the title of a new book by former Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Lorenzo Angeloni, which was freshly introduced to Vietnamese readers.


During his tenure as Ambassador of Italy to Vietnam from October 2010 to March 2015, Mr. Lorenzo Angeloni embraced his desire to publish a novel with a view to providing readers with a closer look at the inside of Vietnam-France Hospital in Hanoi, lives of patients and medical workers in the “Quarantined” zone, the center of the local 2002 struggle against SARS pandemic.

In his book, Angeloni has succeeded in bringing back all memories of the human fates full of anxiety in Hanoi during those horrific years. He  then leads readers to other localities and other fates, and looks into other issues, helping readers comprehend a simple but true philosophy of life that each person has to suffer some quarantine and encounter something unexpected.


This is the fourth work by Ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni. Each of his works is a combination of his diplomatic career and writing passion. Angeloni considers that the two elements effectively support each other, and that they are like “different prisms to be able to observe and understand things and surrounding circumstances – a combination of efforts to fulfill his diplomacy missions and needed modesty to feel the diverse nature of man.”

Lorenzo Angeloni is not only a diplomat but also an author of numerous essays, reports, novels reflecting issues on inter-cultural dialogues, conflicts in wars and personality development process of each individual. During his career, the ambassador used to work in Uruguay, Germany and Algeria and many other countries.

Before being posted to Hanoi, he had been the Ambassador of Italy to Sudan. He is currently the Italian Ambassador to India. In February 2016, he was promoted to a highest-ranking ambassador of the State of Italy.

By Duy Tien


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