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Asian wife memoir

Author: Ngọa Lan
Price: 99,000VND
Pages: 260
Size: 13 x 20.5 cm

Thời gian vận chuyển

- Sách sẽ được gửi từ 1 - 3 ngày sau khi nhận được đơn hàng
- Kiểm tra nhận hàng trước khi thanh toán
- Đổi trả trong 30 ngày nếu sản phẩm lỗi

[ThaiHaBooks] This is second book of Ngoa Lan. This book is the confession of a mature woman, experiences in love with many levels of interwoven emotions, striving for her happiness and success.

This is a true story about a Vietnamese bride in oversea. The author tells a the difficult but equally romantic journey of a couple of Asian wife and European husband. The book is not only talked about the story of marriage or love, but it is also hidden about the love for author’s homeland, the worries of going or staying.

This book will inspire those who have been going through difficult and turbulent times in life and love. It helps them to have more energy to balance and live better, to live with the values they pursue.

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