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Do Nhat Nam’s Book Series

Author: Do Nhat Nam
Language: Vietnamese
Year of Publishing: 2016,2018
More than 15,000 copies sold

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[ThaiHaBooks] Do Nhat Nam is one of the most famous child prodigies in Vietnam. He has already passed the Foreign Trade University’s entrance exam in English when he was only seven years old.

At the age of 7, Nam has translated “Sun up, Sun down – The story of day and night” into Vietnamese and become the youngest translator in Vietnam.

Later Nam has also translated “How successful people think” by John C. Maxcell and “Charging up, and Next Level of Living” by Linda McLean into Vietnamese. Moreover, he has written such books as “To da hoc tieng Anh nhu the nao” (How I learned English) and “Nhung con chu biet hat” (The singing letters) and other books.

Recently, he has received a precious scholarship to study in Texas, USA when he is 14 years old.

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