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Hear Our Stories

Author: Le Thanh Hai
Language: Vietnamese and English
Size: 20×20 cm
Page: 346 pages
Year of Publishing: 2017

[ThaiHaBooks] Hear Our Stories is a book “Book story”, which consists of nine chapters. Chapter One will be a “book” with medical terminology, introducing you to the general concept of rare disease. Chapters Two from eight, each chapter introduces a different group of rare diseases. In each of these chapters, you will find stories of families with raring children. You will gradually understand each group of diseases in “folk language”, “family understanding” through the narrator’s narrative, sometimes not completely accurate. And at the end of the chapter will be the “book”, “medical opinion” is accurate information and terminology from the leading doctors in the field of rare diseases.

During the implementation of the project, interviewed 22 families, I cried a lot, when finished writing, sent back to the family, also had a lot of tears fall, the insiders themselves do not think They have overcome such difficult times. I think you may also sympathize with me and the characters in the story. Oh what a story that full of tears with tears, finished reading tired, but myself, after each interview, I learned from each family, each character something.

Every time I finish writing a story, I feel more fortunate to live this life, I want to contribute my little things to do good things, at least to those who live around me, is for the society. Hopefully, after reading this book, besides being equipped with the medical knowledge, you will also feel energetic, positive like me, will see life more light, beautiful.

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