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How to not be scared of secondary school

Author: Nguyễn Thanh Hải (Nắng)
Retail price: 109.000 VND
Page: 324
Publisher: Lao Động
Size: 13×20.5cm

Thời gian vận chuyển

- Sách sẽ được gửi từ 1 - 3 ngày sau khi nhận được đơn hàng
- Kiểm tra nhận hàng trước khi thanh toán
- Đổi trả trong 30 ngày nếu sản phẩm lỗi

[ThaiHaBooks] Many people were surprised at my son’s high school entrance examination results. He passed the exams of the best public schools in Hanoi and now he is studying at a well-known specialized one, although he did not do well in class and was always naughty when he was a kid.

In the primary school, he was hyperactive, unable to concentrate, unwilling to learn and fought all day. Because I wanted my son to have a good childhood, I didn’t force him to study. As a result, my son was happy everyday but his score was not excellent.

When he was at the end of Grade 5, my husband and I suddenly divorced. This had a strong impact on his mentality and learning results.

In the secondary school, he lacked the basic knowledge and discipline compared to his friends. Besides, the curriculum was overwhelming. Therefore, in Grade 6, he was one of the worst students in the class. However, I was not disappointed.

Given his current personality and results, I knew that if I raised him like most people, he would not be able to get into a famous high school. That was why I built my own teaching method. After defining his high school goal, I set specific milestones and ways for each semester.

With knowledge and experience in the process of teaching my son for many years, I created the book “HOW TO NOT BE SCARED OF SECONDARY SCHOOL” in hopes of providing useful information for parents whose children are in secondary schools. It will help them support their children more effectively and not get confused and worried before the secondary school graduation exam.

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