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Journey Around VietNam

Author: Lê Rin
Paperback prize: 159.000đ
Hardcover prize: 199.000đ
Page: 165
Size:19×25 cm

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[ThaiHaBooks] Journey Around VietNam is the second books of Le Rin. Le Rin lives in Ho Chi Minh city and graduates from Design Faculty of Saigon Technology University. He is a freelancer artist about food illustration, children books, layout and book cover design.

Journey Around VietNam introduces many Vietnam landscapes as Hà Giang, Cần Thơ, Ninh Thuận, Phú Yên, Hội An, Sa Pa…Each of them not only is introduced with words but also drawn by colors, realistic, vivid and eye-catching shapes.

Not stopping in scenery, in “Journey Around VietNam“, author also exploit deeply culture – art – cuisine stories of each land, in which the beauty of human labor is highlight. They may be ordinary people, they may also be traditional craftsmen, but whoever they are, they told faithfully about their homeland and their pride.

In the first publication, this book have 2 editions: Limited edition with hard cover (Retail prize: 199.000VND) and paperback  (Retail prize: 159.000VND).

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