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Song lan thu 2 - Second Life

Author: Nguyen Thuy Tien
Language: Vietnamese
Size: 13x 20.5 cm
Page: 288 pages
Year of Publishing: 2017

[ThaiHaBooks] Second Life is a book that must be read not only to those who find themselves trapped in an illness that is not cured and who are fast to death. The book is worth reading for those who are still alive, but are actually stuck with themselves and have “died” for so long, only exist and wait until the day is buried! For that reason, “Second Life” is a reminder that we live in this short life.

Author Nguyen Thuy Tien – Co-founder and Executive Director of Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV) is carrying out a series of projects for breast cancer. Overcoming the difficult times, over two years of fighting to win life and calm to catch up the death of the most loved, Thuy Tien recognized the positive value when cancer. Breast knocks on the door of his family, to appreciate the moments of daily living and to understand more deeply the value of life.

Today, when the network is thriving after 3 years of founding, Thuy Tien is somewhat proud of what she brings to patients with breast cancer that is a spirit of optimism for life.

Tireless efforts of Nguyen Thuy Tien in breast cancer patients led to her many awards including:

National Volunteer Award 2014;

Promising young face 2014;

The young face of Vietnam in 2015

Development Award for the overall sustainable development of Asian region T8 / 2016.

Top 30 youngsters under 30 highlighting Vietnam in 2016 (30 Under 30) voted by Forbes 2016

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