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Suc khoe trong tay ban - Your healthy in your hand: 2 titles

Author: Tran Bich Ha
Language: Vietnamese
Size: 15.5x24cm
Page: 214 pages
Year of Publishing: 2017, 2019

[ThaiHaBooks] A book with many health care methods, natural healing, which the author has explored, applied himself, family and friends before more than 15 years.

“But the most important message of this book is probably not the specific formulas or methods, because each method would be good for some people, but it does not necessarily fit in with others. The valuable acquisition from the author’s pages is the belief in the ability of every human being to master his or her health. If we have the confidence and determination to explore, chronic diseases will be controlled at this level or another level. The absolute advantage of natural remedies is that if they do not abuse, they will not harm your body. If you want to improve your health, go to medical tests instead. The book will encourage ideas and motivation, use it as a departure guide. But to reach the destination depends entirely on the perseverance of the will and the toughness of your feet. And as I always do – if wondering or wondering, ask the author Tran Bich Ha.”

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