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To Mo is telling Vietnamese culture – Mother’s lullaby

Age: 8 plus
Author: Dang Phuong Anh
Illustrator: Rin Vu
Pages: 108 pages
Size: 14.5×20 cm
Publishing year: 2019

[ThaiHaBooks] To Mo is telling Vietnamese culture series consist of five books. The Vietnamese culture is always so interesting theme to children. All books have represented understandable knowledge of the Vietnamese culture in a very approachable way for the children. Through it, the children are going to be aware of their root and identity. It is a useful tool to help them enter into the digital world.

Mother’s lullaby is one of them. Mother is a very special figure to every child. She is the first cultural cradle for her own children. Her lullabies will follow them until they become mature. It is a unique connection. In other words, she has contributed to identifying them.

The book has employed old and modern illustrations that display a whole picture of the Vietnamese culture in front of the children’s eyes. The author has also compared cultures among countries to seek out how unique the Vietnamese culture is. Besides, the creative ways of designing its content will make the children to learn how to be logical, curious and artistic.

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