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Viet Nam mien ngon – Vietnam Delicious

Author: Le Rin
Language: Vietnamese and English
Size: 20x20cm
Page: 129 pages
Year of Publishing: 2017

Thời gian vận chuyển

- Sách sẽ được gửi từ 1 - 3 ngày sau khi nhận được đơn hàng
- Kiểm tra nhận hàng trước khi thanh toán
- Đổi trả trong 30 ngày nếu sản phẩm lỗi

[ThaiHaBooks] This is the bilingual book of delicious Vietnamese dishes. The most interesting thing in the book is its author and illustration. Le Rin himself illustrates each dish. Moreover, he has put “how to cook” after introducing one dish skillfully, so readers do not have trouble in indentifying its cultural feature at various regions and calculate the great value at Vietnamese dishes.

Vietnam’s cuisine is so special in families, on the streets or at restaurants. It embodies the Vietnamese spirit.

Every year, foreign tourists have always chosen Vietnam as a very interesting place to visit. Landscape and cuisine have made Vietnam so unique in their eyes. Enjoying delicious dishes means to put into the journey at which each person has personal feeling.

The book is published with the aim to make readers love and comprehend Vietnam’s cuisine more.

Le Rin lives in Ho Chi Minh city and graduates from Design Faculty of Saigon Technology University. He is a freelancer artist about Food illustration, children books, layout and book cover design.

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