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You Are The Best Doctor of Your Own

Paperback: 320 pages

Dimensions: 15 x 23cm

Thời gian vận chuyển

- Sách sẽ được gửi từ 1 - 3 ngày sau khi nhận được đơn hàng
- Kiểm tra nhận hàng trước khi thanh toán
- Đổi trả trong 30 ngày nếu sản phẩm lỗi

[ThaiHaBooks] Dr. Khanh Tran works in the Spinal Surgery Department at Viet Duc University Hospital. He is known as a national doctor. To become a doctor, he had to go through a lot of difficulties. He was born in a mountainous region bordering Laos. At the early age of 8, he had to leave his parents to study with the purpose of changing his life. After many years of trying, Dr. Khanh was admitted directly to Hanoi Medical University.

He is one of the young doctors who regularly share useful medical information and knowledge, and spread positive energy on social media platforms. With a more-than-10-year medical career, Dr. Khanh has dealt with many cases in which patients were brought to the hospital too late and could not be cured. Thinking about how to make people proactively protect their own health, Dr. Khanh wrote the book You Are The Best Doctor of Your Own. This is a handbook for everyone who cares about their health.

It does not include medical theories or treatments, but only advice from professional knowledge and experience of Dr. Khanh, so that readers have an useful additional source of reference in their healthcare process.

The highlight of the book is meaningful personal stories told before each advice. With these stories, readers can know the special cases, and feel joy and sadness that Dr. Khanh has experienced during his career.

This book will help you answer the questions that we often ask everyday such as: What happens after 10 minutes of drinking alcohol? How much coffee is too much for us? How much water is right and enough? How to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal cancer? What health indicators do you need to check regularly?… And the biggest question is: When should we see a doctor?

According to the author, our health and even our lives are basically determined by ourselves. Therefore, if someone has the mentality of completely assigning their health and life to a doctor or thinks that money will solve everything, they need to reconsider. Please take care of your own health through lifestyle, physical exercises, reading books, nurturing spiritual life and doing annual health check-ups because it is the most sustainable and smartest way to stay mentally and physically healthy.

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